//(2) Further means for limitation//
Means shall be provided to permit further limitation of the x-ray field to sizes smaller than the limits of paragraphs [[(b)(4)|CFR 1020.32 Fluoroscopic equipment (b)(4) Fluoroscopy and radiography using the fluoroscopic imaging]] and (b)(5).

Beam-limiting devices manufactured after May 22, 1979, and incorporated in equipment with a variable SID and/or the capability of a visible area of ''//greater than 300 square cm//'', shall be provided with means for stepless adjustment of the x-ray field.

Equipment with a fixed SID and the capability of a visible area of no ''//greater than 300 square cm//'' shall be provided with either stepless adjustment of the x-ray field or with a means to further limit the x-ray field size at the plane of the image receptor to ''//125 square cm or less//''.

Stepless adjustment shall, at the greatest [[SID]], provide continuous field sizes from the maximum obtainable to a field size containable in a square of 5 cm by 5 cm.

This paragraph does not apply to non-image-intensified fluoroscopy.
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