//(2) For x-ray controls manufactured on or after June 10, 2006//

There shall be provided for each fluoroscopic tube:
* (i) A display of the fluoroscopic irradiation time at the fluoroscopist's working position. This display shall function independently of the audible signal described in 1020.32(h)(2)(ii). The following requirements apply:
** (A) When the x-ray tube is activated, the fluoroscopic irradiation time in minutes and tenths of minutes shall be continuously displayed and updated at least once every 6 seconds.
** (B) The fluoroscopic irradiation time shall also be displayed within 6 seconds of termination of an exposure and remain displayed until reset.
** (C) Means shall be provided to reset the display to zero prior to the beginning of a new examination or procedure.
* (ii) A signal audible to the fluoroscopist shall sound for each passage of 5 minutes of fluoroscopic irradiation time during an examination or procedure. The signal shall sound until manually reset or, if automatically reset, for at least 2 second.
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